Interim Superintendent Introduction

Dear Chazy Parents and Guardians,

It is with genuine excitement and a deep sense of responsibility that I introduce myself as the new Interim Superintendent of the Chazy Central Rural School District. As I step into this role for the next few months , I want to assure you that I am fully committed to supporting the growth, development, and success of your children.

Allow me to provide a brief overview of my background. With over forty years  of experience in the field of education I have had the privilege of working in various capacities, including elementary teacher, athletic director, high school principal, and superintendent of schools. My journey has been driven by a strong belief in the transformative power of education and a dedication to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for students to thrive.

I recognize the critical role that parents and guardians play in the educational journey of our students. Your partnership and involvement are invaluable components of our school community. I am committed to fostering open lines of communication, listening to your feedback, and working collaboratively to ensure that your children receive the best possible educational experience here at Chazy Central Rural School.

I am well aware that transitions, even positive ones, can sometimes lead to questions or concerns. My primary goal is to create a seamless transition for your children, maintaining the high standards of education and care that you expect from our school district. I am dedicated to upholding the rich traditions and values that make Chazy Central Rural School unique.  I am truly excited to be a part of the Chazy Central Rural School community and to work together in ensuring the success and well-being of your children. Their growth is our shared accomplishment, and I am dedicated to supporting their academic, social, and emotional development.

Thank you for your warm welcome and trust. I am looking forward to meeting you and partnering with you on this wonderful journey.


Stan Maziejka

 Interim Superintendent 

Chazy Central Rural School District